KTG Engineering (Pty) Ltd offers its clients 24/7 support and service.

Some of our sites only provide us with access after hours and or on weekends or holidays during their shutdown periods.

We are able to meet these needs due to our commitment and dedication to servicing our clients.


Most training at KTG is "on the job".

Once you decide to join us, you will form part of these super teams that solve our client's problems and ensure smooth operation of their systems.


We work with various electronic and electro-mechanical systems that we either integrate into (monitor and or control), either via hardwired interconnections or communication bus integration.


Should you wish to serve an apprenticeship in this industry of ours, you will be embarking on a journey towards owning your own business, either as an agent of KTG's or as a contractor/service provider of your own.


You could also  choose to specialise in one of the following expert/specialist categories within KTG:

  • Building and Energy management specialist.
  • Systems architect and integration (software and hardware) specialist.
  • Fire detection and protection engineering specialist.
  • Voice evacuation and Public address specialist.
  • Access control specialist.
  • Video surveillance specialist.
  • Intrusion alarm specialist.
  • Infrastructure installation specialist.

 (Note: The closest related fields that we can be compared to are the PLC/Instrumentation, ICT (information and control technologies)).

Alternatively, you could stay on as one of the technical support engineers of KTG or join the management and grow and expand with the organization.


Your possibilities are endless!