Operations and General Manager (RSA)  -   Mr. K.T. Govender (Kenny)


Kenny is the shareholder of KTG Engineering. He is a trade tested Fitter and Turner, and has been in that industry for the last 37 years.

He has managed projects to the value of millions of Rands, on national and international projects (previous employment included).

In his last place of employment, he worked for 24 and half years, earning the employer millions of Rands in income from specialist work he carried out.

He has gained substantial knowledge and experience with the various projects as the Operations Manager and at time Site & Project Manager at ADS Projects from refurbishing fire hydrant lines, a 50 ton low pressure CO2 system, high pressure CO2 and 200 bar inert gas suppression systems fire and smoke barrier upgrades through to integrated fire detection and voice evacuation systems and access control systems through to video surveillance systems.

In KTG Engineering, he introduced operational structures and procedures that have optimized production output and profitability has substantially increased.


His business sense and leadership has seen  the company make more profit in shorter periods of time, and with lesser effort.


His passion for empowerment and advancement of people has seen KTG Engineering now embark on an ‘Employee Empowerment Program’ that sees us empower suitable candidates to start and run their own business as initially an agent and then a “Franchisee” once the respective requirements are met.